Informal Settlements

A great number of informal settlements upgrading experiences have been developed in several countries, with a significant presence of architects. Professional performance ranges from leading global projects to the development of specific projects for a given area. As a result, it is possible to observe in these areas that are undergoing transformations, a significant improvement in the quality of public spaces and the quality of life of residents.

These experiences need to be shared at an international level, in order to constitute a collection of good practices that may contribute to the exercise of this professional attribution. We have many publications on good practices, but we need to disseminate how to do it, what are the difficulties and how to overcome them. Likewise, we need to create a repertoire of examples already implemented with their due results, because the monitoring and evaluation of results are essential for sharing good practices.

Elisabete Franca
Carin Combrinck
South Africa
Lucia Krasovec-Lucas
Apostolos Kyriazis
Sujata Shakya
Jillys Senan Abraham Avakoudjo
Heba Allah Khalil
Steven Oundo
Ida Ekereke Ida
Jean Augustin Carvalho