The UIA calls for an urgent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip


The International Union of Architects (UIA) calls for an urgent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and strongly condemns the ongoing conflict that has caused an unprecedented number of civilian casualties. Many of those killed and injured are children and women.

Standing with 3.5 million architects from 115 countries, the UIA expresses solidarity with all those suffering from the conflict. It joins the United Nations General Assembly resolution on the protection of civilians and upholding legal and humanitarian obligations expressing grave concern at the catastrophic situation.

The UIA Council, following its meeting on 7-8 November in Paris, France, adopted a motion reinforcing the Union’s commitment to the UIA preamble, condemning the targeting of civilian population in wars, deploring the urban and environmental destruction with appalling consequences on civilian populations, and pledging to assist them in the reconstruction and restoration of residential and public facilities.

As a professional organisation, the UIA is deeply concerned by the loss of innocent lives and the destruction of people’s homes, schools, hospitals and vital infrastructures. The International Union of Architects is committed to advance peace, sustainable development and human rights as well as to respect human dignity and architectural heritage.

The architectural community is fighting for a cleaner and better planet. We are distressed that the war is doing the opposite. Conflicts cannot be solved by war. The UIA issues an urgent call for a peaceful solution of the conflict, an urgent ceasefire to prevent further loss of innocent lives and immediate facilitation of humanitarian efforts by ensuring safe humanitarian passages and medical supplies for the population in need.