Born in 1929 in Kondofrey, Bulgaria, Georgi Stoilov graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Moscow (1954). He studied urban planning in France and returned to Bulgaria where he continued his practice. He served as Mayor of Sofia (1971), Minister of Architecture and Urbanism (1973) and Member of Parliament of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria (1980). 

During his time as UIA President from 1985 to 1987, he first introduced the celebration of the World Architecture Day which has since become a renowned event that is celebrated around the world.

He was the main founder of the International Academy of Architecture and a Honorary President since 2018.He also held numerous regional and international positions: founder and Secretary General of the Secretariat of the Balkan Countries’ Conferences of Architects, President and Founder of the World Centre for Technical and Urban Information, Vice-President of the World Federation of Twinned Cities and of the International Council of Regional Economies. He was at the origin of the creation of the Sofia Biennale of which he is one of the main collaborators.

Georgi Stoilov designed prestigious buildings in Bulgaria as well as hotel and leisure projects, public buildings and memorials in addition to two Bulgarian embassies (Havana and Kabul).

In recognition of his experience, Georgi Stoilov was awarded the title of People’s Architect of Bulgaria; he was also a laureate of the Dimitris Prize for Architecture, Great Medal of the French Academy of Architecture and the Schinkel Gold Medal, “Stara Planina” medal.

He was academician of the International Academy of Architecture, French Academy of Architecture, Russian Academy of Architecture, Honorary fellow of the American Institute of Architects, Doctor of Moscow Institute of Architecture (MARCHI) and member of most prestigious professional organisations in architecture worldwide.