The UIA 2023 World Congress of Architects, taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark on 2-6 July 2023 will host three DAYLIGHT TALKS.
Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, Grafton Architects (Ireland), recipients of the 2020 Pritzker Prize, the 2022 EU Mies Award and the 2022 Daylight Award; Dorte Mandrup (Denmark), recipient of  national and international acclaim for her work, including the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2022 and Omar Gandhi (Canada), Award winning office and viewed as one of Canada’s notable younger architects.

The Daylight Talks is a series of free, online video lectures curated by DAYLIGHT & ARCHITECTURE and organised in partnership with prominent architectural schools around the world.

Supported by the Velux Group, the Daylight Talks have been endorsed by the International Union of Architects (UIA) and the European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE).

These insightful talks explore the significance of using natural light in architecture and feature designers and educators actively working with daylighting in their projects and educational programs. Though the focus of these talks is always on the use of natural light in design, each speaker brings a unique perspective to the topic. The goal for this lecture series is to challenge and inspire all architects to consider the role of daylighting in new and innovative ways.