Istelianna Atanassova (Bulgaria) and Indrit Hamiti (Albania) were elected Co-Presidents of the Balkan Architecture Forum (BAF) during the  Extraordinary General Assembly.

Ms. Atanassova has a Masters degree in Architecture from the State University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has realised architecture and urban planning projects in Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Libya among others and has extensive experience in developing and carrying out business plans, project design and expertise, sustainable practices and innovations. She currently serves as UIA Region II Vice-President for the 2021-2023 term. During the last UIA term, Ms. Atanassova was a Region II Council Member, Chair of the International Women in Architecture Committee and Member of the ICC Commission. She is actively engaged with the international Forums for young architects in addition to being a member of the Board of the Union of Architects in Bulgaria and Honorary member of the Georgian Union of Architects.

Mr. Hamiti is an architect, urban planner and human rights activist with a consolidated experience of more than 20 years. In 1999, he founded the company A & I Design which has operated in the field of urban and architecture design, including that of industrial and civil construction. In 2017 , he founded the investment company Spektrum, which operates in France. Mr. Hamiti is a well-known activist in Albania, for the protection of cultural values and the architectural and urban heritage. He has been a member of the Council of Territorial Regulation in the Durrës Municipality , and played a role in preserving the urban and architectural heritage of important parts of the city. In 2011 , he was elected Chairman of the Municipal Council of the city of Durrës. Having this vocation, in 2007, he co-founded the Albanian Environment & Economy Foundation and was elected President of its Board. The foundation has undertaken a series of initiatives and has developed many activities in the direction of conservation and protection of the environment, as well as sustainable economic development. Mr. Hamiti is the Vice-President of the Albanian Association of Architects.