Urban Regeneration in Greece: A Transparent Path Towards Ecology and Inclusivity Event


Venue: Bella Center - B5 M3
15:15 - 16:30

TIF-HELEXPO S.A. is the leading Greek organizer of exhibitions and conferences.

In 2017, TIF-HELEXPO SA took the strategic decision to redevelop its fairgrounds, located in the very heart of the city center and occupying a total area of 175,000 m2. The new ConfExPark, a multidimensional, urban transformation, shall be a unique ecosystem comprising distinct communities, an exhibition and conference center, a business hub, a hotel and an urban park accessible to all.

Through urban regeneration TIF-HELEXPO S.A. proclaims its ethical obligation to become a business actor synthesizing environmental and social sustainability with economic growth.

The architectural design, chosen through an open, inclusive and transparent procedure endorsed by UIA, is a narrative of how architecture can serve as an ecology that fully succeeds in meeting the UN SDGs. An ecology of interconnection between design, business and the UN SDGs.

Municipality of Larissa
Larissa is the fourth-most populous city in Greece. The Ancient Theatre A’ of Larissa is an open-air theatre, built in the 3rd century BC. The theatre has been recently almost entirely brought to light after a long period of expropriations and excavations.

An Open International Architectural Ideas Competition was endorsed by the UIA in March 2022. The challenge of the competition was to convert an inactive ancient monument of major value into an active point of reference of modern city life, creating new balances and correlations.