Preserving the Past, Designing for the Future


Venue: Bella Center - B3 M5-6
13:45 - 15:15

Exploring the intersection of sustainability, heritage, and Culture in Architecture and Urban environments.

The roundtable themed “Preserving the Past, designing for the Future: Exploring the Intersection of Sustainability, Heritage, and Culture in Architecture and Urban Environments” delved into the crucial relationship between sustainability, heritage, and culture within architecture and urban environments. This discussion took place in the context of the World Heritage Convention @ 50 Conference, which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention’s adoption.

During the World Heritage Convention @ 50 Conference, experts and practitioners from diverse backgrounds and regions came together to examine the intricate connections between preserving historical heritage, envisioning sustainable futures, and nurturing cultural identity. By exploring this intersection, they aimed to understand how architecture and urban planning can contribute to a more sustainable and culturally enriched society.

The participants delved into topics such as the integration of sustainable practices in heritage conservation, innovative design approaches that harmonise historical context with modern requirements, and the role of cultural heritage in shaping sustainable urban environments. They also explored strategies for balancing preservation efforts with the need for urban development, discussing the challenges and opportunities presented by this delicate equilibrium.

Furthermore, the Conference fostered discussions on incorporating cultural values and traditional knowledge into contemporary architectural practices. Participants shared experiences and insights on how architecture and urban environments can reflect and honour diverse cultural identities, fostering a sense of belonging and pride among communities.

By addressing these themes, the roundtable aimed to deepen the understanding of the symbiotic relationship between sustainability, heritage, and culture in architectural and urban contexts. The outcomes of the discussion sought to inspire and guide professionals and policymakers in designing and preserving built environments that are environmentally conscious, socially inclusive, and culturally vibrant.

The roundtable will be hybrid and moderated by Arch Kassim Mwamba Omar (Co-Director of HCI WP) and Arch. Edward-YW Leung (Member of HCI WP). Speakers will be five members of HCI WP representing every region of UIA. The speakers are Prof. Nida Nayci, Arch. Marla Haber Goldstein, Arch. Monica Bahia Sclee, Arch. Anju Malla and Arch. Samer Helmy. Arch Mohammad Habib Reza (Co-Director of HCI WP) will give a short speech on the theme.

The session is hosted by the UIA Heritage & Cultural Identity Work Programme.