Architecture Disruptors Grounded


Venue: Bella Center - B3 M1-2
15:15 - 16:30

Through a moderated peer to peer discussion, this session features select NextGen disruptive architectural innovators / international thought-leadership engaged in a series of global dialogue on issues of practical, provocative and disruptive innovation in architecture.

The session will explore examples of out-of-the-box case studies, approaches, anecdotes, and tips in mastering the distinctive skills of disruptive architecture paradigm – identified as innovative and ground-breaking construction that marks a milestone in design history. The session will also examine diverse research and precedent-setting projects to provide comprehensive perspectives on:

  • The global Spectrum of disruptive architecture
  • Impacts of disruptive architectural innovation in various continents
  • the role of NextGen disruptive architectural innovators in enabling wholistic resilience in the built environment
  • The role of the society, co-creation (public/private), paradigm and mindset shift in improving the creative impact of NextGen disruptive architectural innovators
  • Exceptional case studies demonstrating how to advance disruptive architecture to fundamentally change the built-environment sector for the better.

With an elastic capacity for creativity and innovative thinking – which in turn excites disruptive radical changes, every successful next-generation-led architectural paradigm shift often demonstrates considerable advantages for the built environment. Accordingly, the session seeks to create an awareness of the need for dialogue with the wider society and demonstrate how disruptive architectural innovation can translate into an advantage premium in tangible value and a call to action on IDEA (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility) to leave no one behind!