Other events

The UIA organizes, supports and participates in a variety of events, from conferences and webinars to global forums, exhibitions, special edition newsletters and meetings. One of the key missions of the Union is to connect architects from all over the world, encouraging dialogue and debate through many different kinds of initiatives.


Design for Climate Adaptation and Resilient Communities

10 May 2023

Aspects of well-being in architectural design: A Healthy Environment for All

3 May 2023

Sustainable Housing for Resilient Communities: the impact on our environment

21 March 2023

World Heritage Convention – 50th Anniversary

Febuary 2023

Design for Health with Emerging Technologies

22 November 2022

UIA Design for Health Student Competition

17 November 2022

UIA Award for Innovation in Architectural Education

2 November 2022

World Architecture Day 2022 - Architecture for wellbeing

4 October 2022

Sustainable Housing for Resilient Communities: The Challenges of Affordability

31 August 2022

Adaptive Reuse of Heritage Buildings Relating to the SDGs

5 August 2022

Health Facility Design & Planning

 21 June 2022

Healthy Cities and Public Spaces

25 April 2022

Great Green Wall Initiative

28 March 2022

2023 Golden Cubes Awards

11 March 2022

UIA Year of Design for Health

7 February 2022

Affordable Housing

16 December 2021

World Children's Day

22 November 2022

World Architecture Day 2021 – Clean Environment for a Healthy World

13 October 2021