The Assembly

The Assembly is the supreme body of the UIA and is composed of delegates from the UIA Member Sections together with the members of Council.

The Assembly meets every three years to:

  • Receive reports on the activities of the Union since the previous Assembly.
  • Approve or reject decisions or resolutions proposed to the Assembly by the Council or other subordinate bodies of the Union.
  • Determine the general policy of the Union until the next Assembly.
  • Approve or reject the admission, re-admission, or expulsion of Members.
  • Determine the basis of calculation for the membership fees to be paid by Member Sections.
  • Determine the overall budget of the Union until the next Assembly.
  • Determine the venues of Assemblies and Congresses as well as the World Capital of Architecture.
  • Elect the President, Secretary General, Treasurer, Vice-Presidents, and Members of Council.

Extraordinary sessions of the Assembly are convened by the President, through the Secretary General, at the request of the Council or at least one third of all Member Sections.